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What the Rav said about Purim night

This is a bit of a ‘flurry’ of stuff going up at the mo. For a few different reasons, including that I came back from Rashbi with a lot of energy, BH. And also, that I decided to try and translate almost a whole shiur of the Rav, so that more people can actually understand […]

The Rav’s prayer for Yom HaZikaron

Written for this year, 5784. ENGLISH TRANSLATION: Ribonu shel Olam, Who can do anything. Give us the merit on Yom HaZicharon to be associated with all the souls that were sacrificed for kiddush Hashem (to sanctify Hashem’s name), from 5708, which is around 76 years ago, who died on behalf of their brothers, the Children […]

Rashbi and the hitchhiker

When I heard last week the failed State was closing down Meron again for L’ag B’omer, I told my husband: we need to get there ASAP. So motzash, straight after havdalah, we got in the car and headed North. Before we left, I asked one of my kids if anything is meant to be going on up […]

The Secret of Contentment

Last Wednesday, I had one of those oh-so-rare days, were there was nothing pressing to do with myself. I decided to go and walk around downtown Jerusalem for a couple of hours, something I used to do very often, but now I haven’t done it for months and months. Because it’s kind of depressing. So […]

Still 60% to go on the Rav’s Torah

There was a siyum today by the Rav, for the completion of ‘Sefer Bereishit’ of his personal Torah. If you remember from THIS post, back in January already  (!) the Rav said that when this Sefer Torah is finally completed the war will stop. So far, they only managed to raise 40% of the money required. And […]

The nations wanted a chareidi Jewish State here

BH, I translated a bunch more stuff from the last Shivivei Or (358). There is always so much to unpack with even the smallest of the Rav’s comments, and I’m still working on the stuff about Menashe ben Yisrael, aka ‘MBY’, so we’ll get to an indepth look at the gay representative of the Eida […]