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Calling for ‘war’…. was wrong

Remember, all those people ‘calling for war’ at the beginning of this nightmare? While Rav Berland was calling for massive amounts of tehillim – a whole book a day! – and calling for no troops to be sent into Gaza at all, because they’d just get killed and wounded for nothing, in one ‘friendly fire’ […]


I just got back from two nights up North. We were by the Kinneret, not mamash in Kiryat Shemona, but we went to Meron, went past Tsfat, went up to Katzrin…. Everything was peaceful and calm. And beautiful. ==== Sure, there were some burnt patches of ground. Where I live here in Jerusalem, there are also […]

Don’t be afraid

The Rav has been very ‘strong’ the last few days – and tonight was no exception. Singing loudly, with a very strong voice – and the singing and dancing before and after the prayers down on Ido HaNavi has had more ‘pep’ than usual, too, this week. (Maybe, because some guy has shown up with […]

Loose ends

I’m working on a fairly long post about how to deal with the fall-out from ‘narcissist abuse’. BH, I’ll put that up next. In the meantime, I got sent a few things over email that are connected to all the discussion about: The Vilna Gaon’s ‘sabbatean’ leanings The Sadigura Rebbes’ ‘sabbatean’ leanings I’m putting it […]

Update on the Rav

Translated comments from Shivivei Or 365 (week ending June 28th, 2024) Over the course of the week, the Rav was in the hospital, and the cholkim (opponents of the Rav) publicised all sorts of rumours about the condition of the Rav, may their mouths be filled with ashes. And this was told to the Rav, […]

Time for a change

No, I’m not deleting the blog again. (At least, not at the moment. Maybe another time, I’ll share the real details of why I deleted it each of the last three times.) But, I AM going in a different direction here again – or really, returning to things that I was writing a lot about, […]